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USCIS has updated its "Frequently Asked Questions" regarding same-sex couples
Immigration Benefits for Same-Sex Couples


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July 2013

Immigration Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to strike down the provision of DOMA which denied federal benefits to same-sex couples, married same-sex couples can now apply for immigration benefits such as green cards, citizenship, etc.  Although some U.S. states still fail to acknowledge same-sex marriage, the couples are still eligible for federal benefits.  Read the Department of Homeland's Statement on their implementation of this decision  Also read this story about a married same-sex couple that had the immigrant spouse's greencard application approved since the Supreme Court decision:

The Ongoing Work to Make Immigration Reform a Reality in the US

The Senate passed an immigration deal, and now the House of Representatives is debating whether to modify the Senate bill, or to create their own plan.  In the meantime, several immigrants, undocumented as well as documented, await to see how their lives will be affected, and how long this process will take.  I have had several inquiries regarding the immigration reform.  Unfortunately, I have  had to explain that there is no way to know how long this process could take.  Let me know what immigration reform would mean to your life. 
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