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Civil/Consumer Litigation.
Creative Arts & Entertainment Law.
Immigration Law.


Civil/Consumer Litigation Services:

- I need to resolve an issue against (an individual, a business, an organization, or an agency) in civil court. 

- I am a consumer that is dissatisfied with the result of a paid contracted service provided by a company, and need to pursue legal action.

- I am the victim of a false statement that has been publicized by an individual or entity.

- I have a disputed charge on my credit report.

Our office will provide aggressive representation in and out of the courtroom to achieve the best results for our clients. 

Appellate Services:
- I received a judgment in my civil or family law case less than 30 days ago, and I need to know what is the next step to try to get the judgment reversed.  (Ex. foreclosure judgment; a divorce judgment; etc.)

- The judge ruled on an issue early in my civil or family law case, that is contrary to the law and will affect the rest of my case at trial or overall determination of the case, and that qualifies under the FL Rules of Appellate Procedure for a non-final appeal or a writ.  (Ex. a shelter order in a dependency case; a temporary support order in a divorce case; etc. )

-A government agency has issued an order against me that I need reviewed by a reviewing court.  (Ex. child support order, licensing, etc.) 

- I have been convicted and sentenced in a felony criminal case less than 30 days ago, and I need to exercise my right to a direct appeal.  

Our office will review the court records; Order the necessary transcripts and evidence to be included in the appellate record; Write and file appropriate briefs or petition in state civil, criminal & family law cases;Manage the appellate case to completion.

Creative Arts & Entertainment Law Services:
- I have an original work that I created, or created with another person, and I (we) need help with protecting it and getting a copyright.  

- I need help with a contract between myself and my independent contractor.

- I have been given a contract by a record company for my work, and I need help deciding what are the pros and cons of signing it.

- I need a consignment contract for art pieces submitted to my gallery for exhibition.

- I am looking to distribute my film with a distribution company, and need the contract reviewed to make sure I have covered issues that could come up down the road, and provide for means for my recourse if an issue does arise as a result of a breach.

- I have a book or screenplay that someone is interested in making into a movie.  I need help with creating an option agreement.  

- I need help with clearing rights involved with making my film.  

Our firm can assist you with drafting, negotiating, advising, and reviewing contracts (art, film, music, television, sports, and literary works); Option agreements; Clearance of rights; Distribution agreements; Financing agreements.

Immigration Law Services:
- I am a foreign-born person interested in coming to the US for a short-term visit.  

-I am a foreign-born person interested in coming to the US to live with my spouse who is  a permanent resident or a US citizen. 

- I am a foreign-born person interested in coming to the US to marry my US citizen fiance(e).  

- I am a permanent resident with a conditional green card based on marriage, but we have since divorced.  

-I am a conditional green card holder, but since my marriage I have been a victim of abuse by my spouse, and have documented evidence of the abuse.

-I am interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, and have been a permanent resident for the required amount of time.

-I am a DACA recipient and need to renew.

Our firm prepares applications, files and follows to completion, 
green card and citizenship applications, and files renewals for DACA recipients.
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Handicap accessible. 
Cash, check, PayPal, and major credit cards accepted. 
Reasonable payment plans permitted in limited cases. We do not accept cases on contingency.

  First 15 minutes of a first time consultation are free and can be held by telephone for your convenience. Consultations needing more than 15 minutes require a prepaid consultation fee. 

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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